Friday, July 17, 2009

What's in a name???

I stumbled into Data City quite by accident. I was looking for a little piece of land, . . . "in a special corner of God's real estate." In other words, The Republic of Texas. I'm sure most of you have heard of this Utopia, because it's like a whole other country. I'm sure some of you even live in a nice place like it; like say, the Republic of Montana, or the Republic of Wyoming. Or the Inland Empire. Or the Emerald City. Or Vancouver even. You people in Tuscon(I mean Tucson) probably "won't get it." No point of reference for you concerning the way a town, city, or state should be run. And many of you aren't too neighborly. So, . . . I stumbled into City-Data by accident. How fun! Or, so I thought, at first. I perused all the fora Data City had to offer; music, movies, books, cities, states, world. Places I've lived in and visited, or would like to live in, or visit in the future. This went on for ages. Watching, but never posting. Until I felt the need to refute a negative restaurant review in the Tucson forum. I had worked at the restaurant recently, and eaten there many times with friends and family. To post though, you need to register(it's free), and pick your moniker. I chose this . . . Bellringer! Boy, you'd think I called myself "Jehovah," or something like that, by the way things panned out later. I posted a positive review, not ever once referring to the negative poster(SierraAz), who I think had never even been to the place. You'd have thought I told them the earth was round, or that it revolved around the sun. But, a handful of frequent posters, who monopolize the Tucson City-Data forum began their onslaught. They all don't like much of anything, or anyone! Especially new posters, free-thinkers, pioneers and progressive thinkers, southerners, rednecks, Texans, Montanans, Californians, etc., etc., etc. They especially don't like patriotic Americans. And they seem to resent the influence of the military and their families on their town. I'm hard-pressed to find much they do like. But, express your dislike of Tucson, or things you dislike about it, and they pounce on you like a pack of rabid hyenas! And they have a problem with, Bellringer? One of the many things they didn't like, must have been my name. Guess they thought I came to "sound off," or preach to them. They also made idiotic assumptions about my politics and religion, because of stuff in my profile on City-Data, that anyone can read by clicking on your screen moniker. Another apparent assumption by them, something else they seemed to have a problem with, was my interests, the Classics(Roman and Greek-art, arch, lit, etc.), as well as, other classic literature, art, and architecture. Big reader here. Some small minds read liberal arts=liberal. Doesn't matter that my tagline said, "Stuck in the Middle." That's just a song. They "didn't get it." They just think they do. If any one bothered to ask, I'd like to say "I'm a Nationalist." But that tag has been corrupted. Say that and people assume that you're a xenophobe, or a francophobe, or such. Newspeak! And you can find plenty of it in the forum, especially the Tucson forum. They pollute and they spin everything. Lots of swirly, twirly slippery snakes and spiders there. They try the art of rhetoric. They're just not any good at it! So, Nationalist is out. How about if I say I'm somewhere between a neocon(the new, new meaning) and a liberal-lite. Tastes Great, Less Filling. HaHaHa! And maybe I just like the Caesar's, the Etruscans, the Greeks; and all their contributions to society, and mankind. Hello McFly! Have you read Dante, Ovid, Homer? I have! Have you seen the Parthenon, the Colosseum, the "real" Forum, or the Pantheon? I haven't, but I'd like to. Hydraulics, the monuments, art, literature. How fascinating! Especially the Romans. The Pantheon completed during Hadrian's reign in the second century had the largest dome for eighteen centuries(150 ft.), until the Vatican. The oculus was 30 ft. wide. The floor of the Colosseum was designed to hold mock sea battles. Animals and warriors could come up from underground to join other battles. It even had a retractable cover(not unlike some of our sports stadiums). So fascination with travel, and other cultures makes one a liberal according to the Tucson forum. That's some progressive thinking there guys(Tucson and all other GroupThinkers) . . . . . . . Not!!! You all need to get off the computer, and get out more. Your social and analytical skills are highly lacking. And, you have nothing interesting to contribute to the discussions!
More later.

Future blogs: more on names, and on profiling, spinning, and hypocritin' Tucson posters.

Next on the chopping block! Chorizo! And here's where my moniker came from:

More Cowbell! From the Bellringer!

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