Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tucson is HOT! And boring!

Those wily characters at the Tucson City-Data forum get real riled up if one mentions the heat. So let me tell you about it! It is so hot during our nine month summer...HOW HOT IS IT??? It's hotter than a habenera on the streets of San Antone in the middle of the afternoon on the fourth of July during the dog days of summer. Those people from the region of Tuscony do not like Texans, Montanans, Californians, and many others. They don't like free speech for others. Just for themselves. Well, we Texans have a couple of our own sayings concerning Tuscon, Az., and some of it's posters. My unca Jesse says, . . . "Tucson! It's hotter than hell it just ain't as much fun." I personally think it is the abstruse tenth ring of hell in Dante's Inferno. I believe this next one is from Urban Dictionary. Tucson-a city in southeastern Arizona best viewed from your rearview mirror as you are headed out of town. And did I mention how dang hot it is here? And don't fall for that, . . . "But it's a dry heat" bs. Go tell that to your Thanksgiving turkey!

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