Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ZonyPony the Evil Ringleader!

Here he is in all his glory folks. Yes, it's him, the evil ringleader ZonyPony(i.e. the Horse's Arse) of the Tucson City-Data Forum. That's him on the right. Watch out for this one!!! He's a real mixer! ZonyPhony is the "Evil Leader" of the GroupThink Tank that is the City-Data Forum of Tucson. ZonyPony is the self-involved, self-aggrandizing, self-appointed guardian of the Arid Zone(read Dante's cryptic eleventh ring). Check out ZonyPony's profile over at Data City. He is a self-proclaimed hack, as well as, a self-proclaimed horse's arse. No argument with you there, pal. See his picture here, or at City-Data, where he posted it himself. ZonyPony has bestowed many titles upon himself. ZonyPony's many self-proclaimed aliases include: guardian of the arid zone, Ima Whistleblower, and Mr. Tucson(which is nothing to brag about). We all know him best as "Evil Leader," ZonyPony, ZonyPhonyBaloney, or, the Horse's Ass. He is a hack for sure, and he knows all the tricks(I mean tools, no I don't)to pick apart other people and their posts. ZonyPony and his inglorious band of followers are quick to pin the troll label on other posters they know little about. I got the label, because I don't like Tucson, and I expressed this at times on the Tucson Forum, which the Koolaid drinkers did not like. Lots of real estate agents on City-Data Forum. It seems one of the quickest ways to get labeled a troll, and banned from City-Data, is to express any negativity about a certain town, or city. But, that is just one of the many things that may get you labeled and banned. Ole ZonyPony wouldn't know a real troll if it came up and bit him on his horseyass. His lowly followers, and the unremarkable mods are just as clueless. Because in all actuality ZonyPony is the King of the Trolls wearing his rose-colored glasses disguise riding his high horse all over the Old Pueblo and Data City. Hey ZonyPhony! I bet it's hard to squeeze those twisted cloven hooves into Cowboy Boots, eh?

By the way, a warning to the tomato-growing Huckleberry, the Tucson Koolaid drinkers think you are a troll. Read the thread, Infiltration of Serial Trolls on Tucson City-Data started by ZonyPony. Zony and his ignoble admirers are quick to label and judge, and they repeat their screwy ideas "ad nauseum." Unfortunately, many will be deluded. The ones that can't think for themselves will jump in the box, or on the bandwagon with the other bootlickers, because like P.T. Barnum, or his competitor, said, "There is a sucker born every minute."