Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hey everyone my name is Bellringer. I'm "the Bellringer," that was "banned from city-data." More specifically, "banned for life from city-data." For a short time thereafter, I was also "Bullmoose." I have unfinished business with city-data, and I will be sharing it here. I'm going to expose the phonies on the city-data Tucson forum. I'm sure this will be a lot of fun, as well as, verrrrry interrrrresting. I hope to hear from some of the frequent posters(past and present) from the city-data forums, especially all the cool people from the music forum, the San Antonio forum, and the Montana forum.

I just started my blog today, so I don't have much yet. But, I promise to have lots of interesting, fun stuff, in the future(after this weekend). Happy Independence Day!

Future topics: Music, books, art, architecture, trivia(all types, but lots of music trivia), funny stories, etc. And, whatever else we all find entertaining, or interesting.

Be back soon!

Bellringer(aka Belle, Bullmoose, Bullemoose, Bluebell, Southern Belle, Liberty Belle)

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