Sunday, October 25, 2009

More City-Data Forum Weirdness!

Hey everyone! I've been too busy at work to play around on the computer. Sorry, it's been so long since my last post. But, this is not over by a long shot.

Shortly before my permanent banishment from the unrealm of Data City, I had gotten a few infractions for silly stuff. And many of my posts were deleted. Not edited, completely deleted. Says Markablue, "Vee haff vays off makink you disappear Dollink." It appeared someone was out to get me. I believe many of the posters have duplicate identities. Maybe all started when they first joined, but will come out of the woodwork later. I have what I consider fair proof of this, and I will be sharing it in all my future blogs. Tucson has a lot of negatives. I did not realize that I was apparently the only one on the Tucson Forum that was not allowed to speak the truth about a place in which I have lived, dating back to 1976. Does this have anything to do with the fact that City-Data Forum is some sort of Real Estate front run by foreigners? It seemed that someone(many someones) did not like me telling the truth about the Tucson negatives. Hey, isn't your front supposed to be a real estate location site? Why was I not allowed to speak the truth about a place in which I have lived for a very long time? And how come so many of your statistics, and so much of your info is outdated, erroneous, and just plain wrong? Many posters give out totally wrong info about places they aren't living in, or have never lived in. The Tucson forum had a number of frequent posters, not just from outside the city, but outside the whole state, who frequently gave misleading info about Tucson. Some of their info was completely wrong!!! I would refute their mistakes. One of these experts, JillBoBill didn't live in Tucson, but continued to give out wrong info about the place to posters. On numerous occasions she recommended the Foothills area to people who specifically wanted the U of A area, or the Starr Pass area. The locations she repeatedly recommended to posters were on the complete opposite side of town. Since many of the Tucson Forum clique who ganged up on me, did not appreciate me or my posts, I would try to be funny. "Jill flip your dang map over." That way the other posters, who are grownups and have a mind of their own, would realize I live in Tucson and know what I'm talking about. JillBoBill did not, and does not. ZonyPony, SierraAz, JillBoBill, TwoJulyBabies, SickofIl, and others continually called me out as a troll and tried to discredit me at every turn. There are many suspect posters and mods that seem to have hidden agendas. I have fair proof of a lot of shady people and some of the shenanigans that went on. I will be sharing it all, little by little. I wish I had the foresight to have written down, or printed some of the stuff that went on there. But, I have an excellent memory. I will be posting what I can remember. Quite strange to see this ZonyPony has joined my blog. Why??? I think I'll let him stay around, see what he's up to. I wonder how he found me? Must have been googling his own name or something. Another poster that found my blog, the Fall-loving, tomato-growing Huckleberry reported back to the City-Data FAQs Forum about my blog. He was surprised to see his name. I didn't have any beef with you. Did I say anything bad about you? No! I warned you that you were being called a troll by these people you refer to as "prominent posters." These "prominent posters" you refer to are the same ones that repeatedly called me a troll. It was supposed to be a warning. Be careful who your friends are. I see you mostly use City-Data Forum as a social networkink site. People aren't always what you think they are. Beware the "prominent posters," Huck. Speaking of sketchiness, I would like to warn all posters to internet sites, not just City-Data, that there are many suspect posters with obvious, as well as, hidden agendas. Another warning for all my fellow Americans, City-Data is run by foreigners in another country. A lot of America bashing is allowed to go on at the City-Data Forum. All posters claiming to be Americans may not be. You can fill in anything you want for your location remember. I count among my friends many readers, writers, and big thinkers, none of my American friends spell English words this way: programme, colour, favourite. Things that make you go hmmm! Lots of weird goings on at City-Data Forum. Next up, those suspect French(?) posters, more facts and proof, and Dust Devils.

Regards, Belle


  1. city-data banned me or something too its rediculous. i even made another account then made 2 posts and i got a warning saying i was trolling and i cant access the pages anymore. rediculous! i mean jeeze i think the sirrocio or whatever in the washington forum is like so totally rude! freakin dumb people on the washington forum mainly the seattle area one are aweful. they were so mean to me and i hate them!

  2. I have over 2,000 posts at 'C-D'...and I'm done with the place. I'm tired of contributing to a community that treats me as a second class citizen and can just erase my exsistence at any moment with or without cause. The mods are complete fools. Read any message from them and it's like they are 13 year old, castrated, inbreds. They NEVER take any complaint seriously, no matter how politely or professionally worded.

    And after I pointed out (politely!) how one of their posts didn't make any sense and was contradictory he/she told me I get banned if I kept up that type of 'backtalk'.

    Like I'm a kid or something...ridiculous!
    If this is 'social networking online' you can have it.

    Also, how about that political forum?
    Hahahahahaha. Where do they get those people?

  3. markablue has banned me repeatedly for "trolling" despite not trolling once, simply disagreeing with other posters who are off their meds or something.

  4. YAC, Markablue, Blue Moon or whatever that idiots name is, all racists. That politics forum is run by stormfront members. I have been banned for calling a guy racist after he called Obama a zebra ape.

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  6. Everything you said is right... I found this page from the Topix form...

    Anyhow, I came over here because you said you had the scoop on SierraAz and I know who that person is because I use to talk to her a lot.

    But the funny things is, I always felt as if she my not be who she claims she is because she's on city data 24 hours a day 7 days a week posting Bullshit. And so, how do you have that much time to post BS but yet work everyday and have a mortgage to pay??!!

    She's not even from this county either.. She's from Europe.

  7. City-Data sucks! TalkStates ROCKS! Go TalkStates!

    I only made four posts to City-Data before I found myself incurring a two point "infraction" for sharing information that did not constitute advertising despite the moderators' contention to the contrary.

    Yac and SunnyKayak, the moderators with whom I locked horns, are fascist idiots.

    I am really glad I did not get as invested in the forum as some others have.

    TalkStates has proven a sane if slower alternative to the lunacy of City-Data.

  8. Yeah, I just got my butt kicked by a dude called Atlantagreg. So I blogged about it and where to complain, if anyone is interested...

  9. All abused CD users should file a complaint with the BBB and the FTC if for no other reason that to make themselves feel better. Eventually, a large accumulation of such complaints may bring these alphabet soup agencies to action. One can only hope.

  10. Couldn't agree more! Those f'ers banned me, a longtime poster, after finding I had another name on there. I had to create another,less controversial account...but apparently that was the excuse to get rid of me. So I had to create a whole nother account and start new,and now some dumb mods on the forum I frequent have it in for me and delete my sht and give me infractions whenever they can!

  11. On a related note, College Confidential (CC) is the City-Data (CD) of aspiring college students. Like CD, CC has moderators who crave power and love to inflict it onto unsuspecting users. I could say more but check TalkStates for my full rant.